Provide Your Feedback

The Monte Rio Fire Protection District (MRFPD) has an incredible legacy of work that has been powered by volunteers since its inception. Times have changed, and the MRFPD Board is working to adapt to modern realities.

We need to hear from you, the residents and community that we serve, in order to make sure we’re hitting the mark. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of service, and as resources become available we want to ensure that we are targeting them correctly.


Street/Mailing Address:

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I support: One 24/7 paid staff to respond to calls
EMT training for new firefighters
Volunteers at the firehouse 24/7
Increased coordination with our neighboring departments
Better safety gear to fight fires and save lives
A parcel tax to support the Monte Rio Fire Department
Replace 20+ year old firetrucks with dependable newer trucks
Upgrade equipment to better fight wildfires
All of the above
Other (please fill below)